Negotiate on the interests

The principled negotiation method invite us to adopt a new paradigm :

    − What are the main interests that I'm trying to satisfy through this position ?
    − Am I really convinced that this position I'm taking is really the best way to satisfy them ?
    − Are these objectives I set to myself and these positions I am taking as a consequence compatible with
        the satisfaction of the main interests of the other side ?
    − Is my first offer perceived as agressive by my interlocutor ?

Principled Negotiation will first aim at satifying interests, mine as well as his, and not sticking to positions. We may be tough regarding the satisfaction of our main interests, but we have to be flexible regarding our positions which are only one way among others of satisfying them.

All this requires to take time to define what are the main interests, tangible as well as intangible, that I want to satisfy through this coming negotiation. And after that, I need to do the same thing about my interlocutor

In our trainings, you will learn, through our negotiation cases and their analysis, how to implement a negotiation based on the interests and not on the positions and how to avoid the danger of positional bargaining.
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