Our seminars
Principled negotiation

The seminars will deal mainly with the methodological side of negotiation. They will give the participants a specific vocabulary and a framework which will allow them to feel much more comfortable in preparing and leading a negotiation This methodological framework will also with time help create a negotiation culture in a department or a company.


At the end of this seminar, the participants will be able to:

    - prepare more efficiently their negotiations
    - bring about more mutually satisfying and lasting agreements
    - deal with negotiations taking place with their colleagues as well as with suppliers or clients
    - prepare more efficiently group negotiations, using the same vocabulary and methodological framework

This methodological framework is based on four principled:

    - Separate the people from the problem
    - Focus on interests, not positions
    - Invent options for mutual gain
    - Insist on using objective criteria


The seminar is built around several negotiation cases which will allow the participants to discover through practice and through the presentations of the trainer the different aspects of this method. So each participant will have the opportunity to negotiate several times. Moreover, the training session will also be very interactive and illustrated with a lot of examples.
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